our journey starts now

So this is where it all begins, hopefully a fun little blogging adventure.

I’ve come across many moments in my life where I was unsure. Unsure of my choices or what choice to make. After overthinking a lot of the options I eventually realized that it was so unnecessary. You know in your heart what you want and no one should ever come in the way of that. At the end of the day, we only have one life. We can either spend it living for other people or living for ourselves. Our happiness cannot depend on other people. I chose to listen to myself and look with a bright light on every opportunity that comes my way.

I also chose to start this blog to write because it’s good to let things out. I love to read other peoples thoughts because they inspire me to look at things differently.

So now, I challenge you to look at things differently and find the light, the sun, in every situation, our journey starts now.

Don’t follow a path, make one.




29 thoughts on “our journey starts now

  1. hi Cristina and hello from one beach girl to another xo
    thank you for visiting my blog, so in the big pic you and are about at the same starting point in a similar journey (new bloggers) so we have crossed paths and I look forward to reading your posts. Best wishes, and keep up the good blog 🙂


    “Whole life is a search for beauty. But, when the beauty is found inside, the search ends and a beautiful journey begins.” ― Harshit Waliap

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  2. thanks for commenting on my blog and getting my attention, I truly enjoy reading what you have to say. I too am a “blogging infant” so to speak and it’s so great to see I’m not the only one! You have a great voice and I look forward to reading more as we both continue to decipher our thoughts into pieces of writing to be shared! – your fellow blogger and beach, nature, and life enthusiast!

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  3. Hey Cristina,

    You’re definitely not alone in feeling overwhelmed by life’s choices, because yes, once you make a choice it’s permanent. I do find that writing and blogging in general helps the process, clarifies my thoughts and purposes. I hope that you find that helpful too 🙂 Keep blogging.

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  4. Hey Cristina!

    I got the chance to check out your blog and I really love the honesty in your writing. Writing is also a form of therapy to me as well—a chance to get my thoughts all out there. I recommend you continue to write from an honest standpoint and you will go far!



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