live together in the now

Today was a really nice day. How was yours? I went to eat in a cute little New Jersey town called Hoboken. The downtown is adorable and it is complimented by a great Bakery called Carlo’s Bakery, as seen on tv, where I stopped in to get tiramisu. I also walked along the Hudson River Waterway and it was extremely pretty, The skyline accented the great weather perfectly leaving me with the inability to take pictures because I took so many and used all my storage.

But then I came across the constant thought of when you experience something beautiful, don’t take a picture. take a mental picture and remember it and live it yourself. Although I completely agree with the phrase, “live in the now,” I think we should share experiences. We as in all humans on earth. So maybe I won’t ever have the chance to visit some small village in some dessert. The closest I can get to experiencing the beautiful moments others do is by a picture. So we should continue to take pictures and continue to share our lives with each other.

Even though you weren’t in Hoboken with me, you can see what I saw and enjoyed. What are some other pretty places in New Jersey?




18 thoughts on “live together in the now

  1. Heyyy! I love love Hoboken! I live not to far away from there. I always love walking around and trying new coffee places. Night life is also fun. It just gets a little packed and parking is a bit hard but totally fun!

    Thanks for stopping by my blogsite. I just followed you and hope you do the same. Let’s connect! 🙂

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  2. I always think like that, too! I think it is nice to have a balance of “living in the moment” and then always capturing it – without going overboard and taking selfies all day on vacation. Know what I mean? Good luck on your new blog – I look forward to more posts from you, as well!!!


  3. I like your blog layout! It’ll look all the cuter when you have more posts, and the picture blocks are all over the page.

    I agree about having pictures for yourself and for others. I love looking at pictures, and even more so, pictures of places/things I’ve never in person before.

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  4. cool! totally could see your mental pic… the description was very heartfelt…. now from me to you and your bloggers… It was a sunny day here today, hot and humid yet beautiful. Driving over the causeway to the island the river was calm and sail boats dotted the waters, and in an instant a dolphin popped her head out of the water several times. I would like to believe she was on her way to a late lunch with some friends near the inlet. 🙂

    have a JOY filled weekend all

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  5. I feel like it’s a bit too normal for people to take pictures–modern society is always looking through a lens (or screen), snapping pics, sharing them, connecting, but not really seeing or appreciating–it is just a slide of your picture and a lengthy phenomenon is cut to a few seconds, a glance, and forgotten as merely “pretty”. We increase the value of moments, beauty, and images by either taking time to make or recreate them, or by leaving it to the imagination and keeping mental images. It gives more freedom to the individual, and more dignity to the image. It’s all about appearance these days. It’s hie to know other people want to focus on the thoughts as well.

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