spread your light

Helping people who need it is one of the best feelings. We have so many thing we don’t need and donating to people who need it is great. This all sounds easy but saying you want to help people is one thing and actually taking time out of your everyday life and actually helping someone is completely different.
About a week ago I went on a trip to West Virginia, USA to help build houses for people who need them through Habitat for Humanity which is an amazing organization you should definitely look in to. For that week I couldn’t use any technology so I haven’t posted in a while.  It felt amazing to not be able to check my phone or worry about any social media. It was a week devoted to helping others which I think everyone should do once in a while.
While in West Virginia I also went hiking which was amazing. It was hard and tiring but in the end the view was absolutely amazing. This was just like helping people. At first it doesn’t really feel like you’re making a difference but for example, at Habitat when I met the woman I was building the house for, I realized that even if I’m doing a small task I was still helping this woman and her family immensely. A single spark can light up the world
So I recommend helping others as much as you can! I also recommend hiking if you ever get the chance!!! 🙂
Never take anything for granted and spread your light in the world.

5 thoughts on “spread your light

  1. Hi thank you for visiting my blog! Just been through your blogs and there all amazing. Also I love your pictures, truly amazing! Keep up with the good work!


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  2. Hi Cristina,
    Back in August you left a comment on my page [poemsperday.com] asking for some feedback on your site, and I don’t think I responded…. got busy, family in town… etc.
    Anywise… your blog has a nice upbeat feel to it. You seem to be into giving positive advice for daily life with a kind of flair… and the photos you use to illustrate are quite striking. So… good stuff. Keep having fun with it.

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