just peachy

I love peaches. There is something about them that remind me of the beach and it’s not just because they rhyme. Honestly, writing this right now i’m craving one. But like many fruits, peaches can be used for so many other things. To start with, peach drinks. Today I went to the store and to satisfy my cravings, I got a cute little drink. It’s called Wild Poppy Juice and I got it in, of course, Peach Vanilla. After trying this juice and realizing how good it was I looked it up online and found the website. I saw their slogan is “liquid goodness” which may I add I 100% agree with! I also found that there were a bunch of flavors such as Grapefruit Ginger, Peppermint Lemonade, and Blood Chill Orange. I want to try all of them so much! And guess what, they support organic farming and in their drinks they use spices from all around the world. Yes, it’s as good as i’m describing it. I added the link so you can check out the website, so yummy!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

More about peaches… I have so many peach lotions and man do they smell good. But enough about the smell, what about the color! Let’s talk about Eve Snow Nail Polish…the color is called “Life’s a Peach”. How much cuter can that get!? Also the nail polish has protection from the sun in it! Not to mention it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free…like the total package. I decided to put these links to give you some ideas to fulfill your peach cravings you hopefully get after reading this.

so remember, stay peachy 🙂


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