live with your glass half full

We live in a very busy world. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the little things and live our lives to the fullest because we are so focused on getting everything done. People begin to see the glass half empty not half full. The result of all this running around, is we get tired and exhausted. Life isn’t about being too tired to enjoy yourself. Stop and smell the flowers, do some yoga, go out to a nice restaurant and get dressed up, take a night stroll on the beach and just watch the wave crash, lay down and look at the stars, do the things you normally wouldn’t think about doing because all the other things standing in your way.

Because of all these tasks that need to be done, people drink coffee and  unhealthy energy drinks to make it through the day. America, literally, runs on Dunkin. But there are other options! Have a healthy breakfast to start off your day. Have some fresh fruit instead of, let’s say, a Poptart. Try a healthy energy lift that doesn’t involve a crash. Älsa is a new energy drink mix that is gluten-free and vegan. In addition to the energy lift, there are many other added benefits. I recently tried Älsa for the first time and really enjoyed it. I love that you can add it to water, yogurt, a smoothie or any other recipe you desire! There are three flavors:  Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate Blueberry and Three Citrus. 

So right now, take a really deep breathe…then let it out and relax. Do something you normally wouldn’t have the time to do, have a healthy snack or a smoothie with a boost, take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy your life you are supposed to live. A healthy, stress-free one!


Enj☼y the little things and always be optimistic!




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