we rise by lifting others

We rise by lifting others.

I feel like sometimes we are so grateful for what we have that we forget that other don’t have as much. November is a month of giving.

one of the beautiful hand-made items
African Soapstone Box
Displaying photo 1.JPG
The 2015 World Vision Catalog

As we feel the urge to help others, we want to find a good way to do so where we know we are actually benefiting society. The 2015 World Vision Catalog is an amazing organization where we can do this. By purchasing their beautiful hand-crafted gifts such as jewelry and totes, the money raised goes to the Where Most Needed fund. This fund supports a variety of World Vision’s programs around the world. People who need the things we take for granted like food, water and clothes. This is such a wonderful website and I needed to share the importance of it with all of you!

Try to help others in your daily life because nothing makes me happier then make other people happy.

enj☼y !



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